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Solitaire, also commonly known as Patience, has been described as one of the most enjoyable games for one person. There are more than 100 variations of the game. This one is called Klondike.

The objective is to play certain cards into position in order to build up each foundation, in suit and sequence, starting with the ace card first all the way up to the king. The ultimate goal is to build the whole pack onto the foundations, when that is done, the Solitaire game is won.

There are four different areas for cards in Solitaire:

The Tableau: The main part of the table made up of seven piles.

The Foundations: Four piles at the top right where each suit of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs must be built.

The Stock: The remaining cards form the stock pile at the top left where additional cards can be brought into play.

The Waste: Cards from the stock pile are placed face up in the waste pile.

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